About Us

Thank you for showing interest in 79 Tu. Grab a cup of turmeric latte and get to know me a little. I am a bit of a health freak and have a great zeal to share my fitness and health secrets with others. I am actively involved in assisting people around me to gain a positive outlook about their health and wellbeing to increase their self-confidence. I strongly believe that it is very important to find a healthy balance in your life for greater wellness.
Growing up in an Indian family, I am familiar with a few of healthy Indian home remedies. One such amazing remedy is haldi doodh which translates into turmeric (haldi) milk (doodh). I love it how the hipsters around the world have given it a very cool name and is now known as a Golden Latte.
Whenever any of my family members were unwell my father used to make us all drink Haldi Doodh regardless of who was really sick. Every single time he made the drink , he made sure to give us all a lecture on the benefits of turmeric. The pleasant aroma of turmeric and other spices motivated us to run and grab the milk that almost instantly warmed and soothed the throat.Whenever we complained about the taste, he would add a little spoon of ghee and honey to the milk, which gave it a creamy texture and a better taste. I slowly started to learn the power and benefits of this drink.
You will be surprised to know that even after 20 years I used my father’s recipe to achieve the biggest body transformation of my life. This single herb gave me more benefits than an entire synthetic supplement stack. It helped me not just to recover damaged muscles but also get rid of stomach bloating.
My dad has manifested so many health recipes in his life and it’s high time I shared these with the world. My pleasant experience and pure passion became the fuel to the idea of 79 Tu.
Being a responsible and ethical individual, I have carefully engineered this product to ensure optimum health benefit, maximum curcumin absorption, great taste and minimal impact on the environment. You can be rest assured that I have used no nasties to make this blend. It’s neither chai nor coffee and if you're unsure about how this sounds I invite you to try it with an open mind and embrace it.