Artisan Stone-ground Turmeric Chocolate 80G

$ 14.95

We have collaborated with Monsieur Truffe to produce a premium quality, vegan, stone-ground turmeric chocolate with a long lasting finish. This chocolate is a magical blend of Ecuadorian cacao and 79 Tu super spice blend. Every piece of this hand made chocolate has our turmeric blended with curcumin absorption enhancing black pepper & coconut oil. Also containing ginger and cinnamon, this bar is high in cocoa butter with no alternative fats used. Organic | Hand made | Vegan | Stone ground (48 hours) | Melbourne made | Gluten free | Cane sugar free Small batch, hand made and hand wrapped with recycled paper. Save the earth, it's the only planet with chocolate ❤


Every step of making this chocolate is done by our chocolate maker , Monsieur Truffe . They receive fermented and dried cacao beans from very select organic and fair trade cacao growers from around the world.


Our premium ingredients are entirely preservative and additive free. Organic Ecuadorian cacao beans, Organic coconut sugar, Organic coconut milk powder, Organic cacao butter, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Black Pepper.

Serving Size

8 serves per bar 10 grams per serve